21 inch Economic Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit Pack


  1. Color: Natural
  2. Weight: 600g/1.32lb
  3. Size: 21inch
  4. Type: Soprano
  5. Material: Natural Wood

Package Included:

  1. 1x Ukulele
  2. 1x Extra String
  3. 1x Pick

Product description

How to Tune the Ukulele:

  1. To avoid damage in transportation, the ukulele hasn’t been tuned yet. The Standard C tuning features strings tuned to G C E A (from the left to the right when you putting the ukulele straight and facing the front). You may begin your tuning with the 3rd string, which is the note C.
  2. For new instrument, it’ll take time for the strings as well as the wood to adapt the pulling force. You may need to tune the ukulele several times until the force is balanced and tune is settled. The period may last for a few days, varied from different temperature and humidity.